Project name: Creating a new Inclusion Vocabulary to foster acceptance of sexual orientation among teachers and students in high schools
Proposal number: KA201-A4F5ED66
Duration: 24 months
Coordinator: Agrupamento de Escolas do Cerco (AECP – Portugal)
Financed by: Erasmus+ Programme
Partners: Professional School of Ecology and Biotechnology “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov” (PGEB – Bulgaria); FAM Y LIAS. Recursos para la diversidad. Sociedad Cooperativa (FAMYLIAS – Spain); Istituto Istruzione Superiore ‘E. Majorana – A. Cascino’ (IIS E. Majorana.-A. Cascino – Italy); CENTRO INTERNAZIONALE PER LA PROMOZIONE DELL’EDUCAZIONE E LO SVILUPPO ASSOCIAZIONE (CEIPES, Italy); AINTEK SYMVOULOI EPICHEIRISEON EFARMOGES YPSILIS TECHNOLOGIAS EKPAIDEFSI ANONYMI ETAIREIA (IDEC – Greece); Escuela 2 Cooperativa Valenciana (Spain); Tehnicka skola “Drvo art” (DRVOART – Serbia).

On the 24th of February 2021, the kick-off meeting (KOM) of the new project Inclusion Vocabulary took place online. Unfortunately, it was impossible to meet each other in presence, since the pandemic situation and world’s restrictions.

Inclusion Vocabulary – Creating a new Inclusion Vocabulary to foster acceptance of sexual orientation among teachers and students in high schools – is financed by Erasmus+ programme and it is inspired by the willingness to fight discrimination against LGBTQIA+ people in school. 

Indeed, sexual orientation and gender identity issues had been the second and third most commonly grounds for discrimination around Europe. Moreover, this phenomenon is even more intense in middle and high school environments, where LGBTQIA+ teenagers have to face bullism, hate speeches and even physical violence.

With Inclusion Vocabulary, the Consortium want to make an active and useful contribution to decrease discrimination against LGBTQIA+ people, starting from the education system, the most important on shape future attitudes. For the reasons explained, the project will alert teachers, of each school stage, in order to try to make them more receptive to these issues, towards students, colleagues and other members of society.

All the efforts will help to eliminate any prejudiced and discriminatory words from the vocabulary of teacher and students as well as behaviors, in order to create a positive and inclusive environment.

This is the reason why first steps of the project will be useful to create a New Vocabulary Handbook that will contain inclusive and accepting terminology regarding sexual orientation and gender identity topics. Moreover, with the handbook we will try to give direction to those who interact with LGBTQIA+ students on everyday language they should use when talking/referring to them.

CEIPES is very glad to be part of this project that involves 8 stakeholders from 6 different countries – Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Serbia and Spain – 5 of them schools. The Consortium demonstrates to be very active, open-minded and prepared regarding the topic.

In this occasion, the project was presented with all the intellectual outputs foreseen in the application. The Consortium defined first steps to take and first deadlines, CEIPES, as leader of the dissemination, presented the official logo of the project.

The Consortium decided, between two different proposals, to choose this logo to represent around Europe the project. The figure represents the pages of a dictionary, colored with the colors of the rainbow, a symbol always associated with freedom and human rights as well as with the LGBTQIA+ community.

The Consortium is very excited to start this new adventure, hoping that sooner or later we can meet each other in person.

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