Nowadays the fight against gender discrimination is more and more relevant and it’s increasingly necessary to promote the inclusion of LGBTQI+ people.

To prevent discrimination, hate speech and inequalities needs an inclusive environment, mostly within schools; through the digital tools it is possible to understand how to foster their sexual orientation and gender identity.

This process involves teachers, students and parents as well – the family environment indeed is the first zone in which our identity and personality develops and displays.

The New Vocabulary Handbook – as the IO1 developed within the project Inclusion Vocabulary – Creating a new Inclusion Vocabulary to foster acceptance of sexual orientation among teachers and students in high schools” contains inclusive and accepting terminology regarding sexual orientation and gender identity topics.

After preliminary research on the current terminology used to address topics such as gender and sexual orientation, the Consortium of the project has developed a Handbook as a practical tool for teachers, parents and students to support them into a deep understanding of the LGBTQI+ concepts and to give tools and tips for dealing with some concepts and principles such as different types of families. Also, a chapter addresses the good practices  for each target group the Handbook is refereed to: for teachers, students, and parents

The Handbook – available so far in the English version –  will be translated in the 6 national languages of the Consortium and then will be used for the pilot activities.

“If you judge people, you don’t have time to love them”

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